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Meet your DC Design Team

Carolyn Muraskin - Founder & Tour Guide

A former architectural designer, Carolyn left her drafting desk and started DC Design Tours in 2015. She prefers talking about buildings to drawing them and can spot a mansard roof a mile away. Carolyn is a graduate of the University of Maryland Architecture Program and lives in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of DC with her husband, toddler, and cat. She has a passion for all things brick and mortar. When not guiding, you can find Carolyn counting columns at the National Building Museum (there are 152) and traipsing through Rock Creek Park looking for Civil War remnants.

Sam Bowersox - Tour Guide

An enthusiast for architectural design and a well crafted story, Sam came to Washington DC to work with exciting history and great people. Originally from the blue grass, he graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelors in history and a focus in museum studies. When he isn’t daydreaming about historic drama or talking a mile a minute, you’ll find him playing board games or reading.

Christine Phillips - Tour Guide

A lover of history and design, Christine arrived in DC from North Carolina in 1999 with a passion for this city and its many stories. She holds a Masters of Architecture from the NC State College of Design, focusing on conservation and preservation, and she worked for several prominent DC architecture firms before her kids came along. Having an inherent curiosity for the story of a place led her into guiding. When not reading about Washington history, you will find Christine birdwatching at local hotspots or wandering around DC’s neighborhoods with her family.

Ellery Ammons - Tour Guide

With a passion for places, both how they're designed and the stories of their streets, Ellery loves continuously learning and sharing Washington, DC’s history and design story. Originally from Memphis, TN, she holds degrees in Urban Studies and Political Science from Rhodes College (making DC the perfect fit!) and loves architecture, historic preservation, and art history. When she’s not giving tours, you can find her biking around town, shopping for vintage décor, and enjoying the city’s numerous public parks, trails, and forests.

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DC Design Tours Guides
DC Design Tours Guides
DC Design Tours Guides