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Discover the history behind the brick and mortar on a walking tour of Washington DC

National Mall: Monuments & Memorials Walking Tour


Explore Washington's most iconic landmarks on a walking tour of the National Mall. Take in the towering Washington Monument, sobering Vietnam Wall and awe inspiring Lincoln Memorial while learning about the designers and politicians that helped shape this monumental core of the Capital. Hear stories of the history, heroes, and hopes of the United States on a stroll through the heart of Washington DC! Sights and stops include:


  • Washington Monument

  • The White House

  • National WWII Memorial

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial

  • Korean War Veterans Memorial

  • Lincoln Memorial


This tour meets at the base of the Washington Monument. The tour takes about 2 hours and covers approximately 1 mile, ending at the Lincoln Memorial. Click here to see a map of the tour route!

National Mall Washington DC | DC Design Tours
Arts and Industries Building Washington DC | DC Design Tours

Castle to Capitol: 

Museums of the National Mall Walking Tour


On this walking tour, explore how the Smithsonian Institution has shaped the fabric of the National Mall since 1855. Washington's best-loved museums line the east side of the National Mall, between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. The Smithsonian Institution, nicknamed the "Nation's Attic," is one of the largest museum complexes in the world, with 19 museums and over 150 million items in the collection. Over 30 million people visit each year! Each unique building is an architectural landmark all its own. Sights and stops include:


  • Smithsonian Castle & Garden

  • James V. Forrestal Building (Dept of Energy)

  • Arts and Industries Building

  • Hirshhorn Museum

  • National Air and Space Museum

  • National Gallery of Art (from a distance)

  • National Museum of the American Indian

  • United States Botanic Garden

  • United States Capitol Building


This tour meets in front of the Smithsonian Castle at 1000 Jefferson Dr SW. The tour takes about 2 hours and covers approximately 1 mile, ending on the West lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Click here to see a map of the tour route!


Iconic Capitol Hill Walking Tour


This walking tour takes visitors through the political core of Washington DC! From the original L'Enfant city plan, to the tumultuous construction of the Capitol and Grounds, the rise of the magnificent Beaux Arts Library of Congress and imposing Supreme Court, and into the present day. Prolific designers like Thomas Jefferson, Robert Mills, Frederick Law Olmstead, and Daniel Burnham will feature prominently. Controversy, chaos, and red tape abound! A tour not to be missed by architecture and history enthusiasts. Sights and stops include:


  • Union Station

  • U.S. Capitol Building

  • Capitol Grounds

  • Supreme Court Building

  • Library of Congress

  • Ulysses S. Grant Memorial


This tour meets in the Great Hall of Union Station under the big clock. The tour takes about 2 hours and covers approximately 1.5 mile, ending at the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial. Click here to see a map of the tour route!

US Capitol Building Washington DC | DC Design Tours

Dupont Circle & Embassy Row Walking Tour


Gilded Age opulent mansions and grand embassies line the streets of one of Washington DC's most fashionable neighborhoods, Dupont Circle. Walk along Embassy Row and see some of the city's most impressive properties, spanning the architectural gamut from Neo-classical to Beaux-Arts to Queen Anne and more. Hear the stories and scandals that helped shape the Nation behind the doors of the District's most extravagant homes. Sights and stops include:


  • Dupont Circle

  • Embassy of Indonesia (Walsh-McLean House)

  • The Cosmos Club

  • Society of the Cincinnati (Anderson Mansion)

  • Woodrow Wilson House

  • Spanish Steps

  • Edward Lind Morse Studio

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt House

  • The Phillip's Collection

and more!


This tour meets in the center of Dupont Circle at the base of the fountain, and wraps up in front of the Phillip's Collection at 21st and Q St, near the Dupont Circle metro station. The tour takes about 2 hours and covers approximately 2 miles. Check out this video featuring our guide, Carolyn, talking all about embassies, and click here for a map of the tour route!


Dupont Circle Washington DC | DC Design Tours

Historic Georgetown Walking Tour


A mention of modern Georgetown conjures up images of stately brick homes, tidy tree-lined streets, bustling shops, and a world class University. Now an idyllic enclave of Washington DC, Georgetown's origins are much less picturesque. Described by Abigail Adams as "a dirty little hole," Georgetown began as a gritty colonial port, replete with ruffians, sailors, slave traders, brothels, and saloons. Explore the highlights and secrets of DC's most exclusive neighborhood while learning about Georgetown's transformation in this rags to riches tale. Sights and stops include:

  • Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

  • Old Stone House

  • Newton D. Baker House

  • Miss Lydia's English Seminary

  • Christ Episcopal Church

  • Pomander Walk

  • Volta Laboratory

  • Georgetown University

  • Exorcist Steps

  • Georgetown Waterfront

and more!


This tour meets outside the coffee shop Baked and Wired at 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW. The tour takes 2-2.5 hours and covers approximately 2 miles, ending at the Georgetown Waterfront. Check out this video with guide Carolyn all about Georgetown and click here for a  map of the tour route!

Georgetown Washington DC | DC Design Tours

Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC | DC Design Tours

America's Main Street:

White House & Pennsylvania Avenue Walking Tour


Pennsylvania Avenue has been host to inaugurations, protests and celebrations throughout our Nation's history. But the development of this grand boulevard, connecting the Capitol to the White House, is fraught with conflict and intrigue. Visit the White House grounds, walk Pennsylvania Ave, and learn how downtown Washington went from Murder Bay to America's Main Street. Sights and stops include:


  • The White House

  • Eisenhower Executive Office Building

  • Blair House (President's Guest House)

  • The Willard Hotel

  • Old Post Office Tower

  • J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building

  • U.S. Navy Memorial

  • National Archives

and more!


This tour meets in front of the White House in Lafayette Square at the
General Rochambeau Statue, 701 Jackson Pl NW. 
The tour takes about 1.5 hours and covers approximately 1 mile, ending near the National Archives at Pennsylvania Ave and 7th St. Click here to see a map of the tour route!

Sixteenth Street & Adams Morgan Walking Tour


Less than two miles north of the White House, DC's Northwest neighborhoods feel a world away from the towering monuments and expansive boulevards of downtown Washington. U Street, Columbia Heights, and Adams Morgan have long been recognized for their rich history and cultural diversity. Home to ambassadors and politicians, revolutionaries and civil rights leaders, these neighborhoods have hosted and housed every type of District resident, from working class to social elite. Visit one of Washington's best hidden oases, hear stories of movers and shakers, protests, disasters, social scandal and get off the beaten path! Sights and stops include: 


  • Meridian Hill Park

  • Josephine Butler Parks Center

  • Warder Mansion

  • Spanish Cultural Center

  • Scottish Rite of the District of Columbia

  • Unification Church

  • Lanier Firehouse

  • Adams Morgan Main Street

and more!


This tour meets at the corner of 16th St and Wst, just outside Meridian Hill Park near 1559  W St NW. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and covers approximately 2 miles, ending near the intersection of 18th street and Belmont Rd NW.

Click here to see a map of the tour route!


Washington DC Neighborhood Walking Tours
National Cathedral

Cleveland Park Neighborhood Walking Tour

Dubbed "The Queen of the Washington Suburbs" in 1903, Cleveland Park is one of Washington's most beautiful and architecturally eclectic neighborhoods. From pastoral farmland, to the summer escape of wealthy Washingtonians, to one of the first "streetcar suburbs," Cleveland Park is well worth exploring. Named for Presidential resident Grover Cleveland, the neighborhood boasts fanciful Victorian mansions, gorgeous gardens, and the second largest cathedral in the United States. Visit the National Cathedral grounds, stroll along picturesque tree lined streets, see the oldest home in DC, and experience the city like a local! Sights and stops include:

  • Washington National Cathedral

  • Bishop's Garden

  • Site of Grover Cleveland's Summer House

  • Rosedale Conservancy

  • William Slayton House

  • McLean Gardens


This tour meets outside the Washington National Cathedral at 3101 Wisconsin Ave NW. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and covers approximately 1 mile, ending near McLean Gardens at Wisconsin Avenue and Idaho Avenue.  Check out this video with guide Carolyn all about the National Cathedral and click here to see a map of the tour route!

Washington DC Neighborhood Walking Tours

Designing Black Broadway: U Street Walking Tour

Once known as Washington’s “Black Broadway,” the U Street corridor has been the civic and cultural heart of the District’s Black community since the turn of the century. U Street was developed by and for the then segregated Black population of the Federal Capital. Historic buildings, largely designed by local Black architects, still stand as a testament to this self-sustaining community. Join this tour to trace the history of the area through its architecture--from the Civil War to Black Broadway, from civil unrest through local perseverance, and future plans.  Sights and stops include:

  • African American Civil War Memorial

  • Prince Hall Masonic Temple

  • Industrial Savings Bank

  • 12th St YMCA

  • Whitelaw Hotel

  • Lincoln Theater

  • Ben's Chili Bowl

  • Frank Reeves Municipal Center

  • St. Augustine Church

  • Meridian Hill/Malcom X Park

and more!


The tour begins at the African American Civil War Memorial at the corner of U Street and Vermont Avenue NW, and concludes in two hours in Meridian Hill Park near 15th and Wst. Click here to see a map of the tour route!

Arlington National Cemetery Washington DC | DC Design Tours

Arlington National Cemetery Walking Tour


Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place of over 400,000 veterans and their families.  With a commanding view of Washington DC, Arlington preserves the history of the United States' past. Every war is represented here, from the American Revolution to the present day. Two Presidents, fourteen Supreme Court justices, senators, congressmen, war heroes, and thousands of others are interred among the rolling hills, stone monuments, trees, flowers, and modest grave markers. Take a guided walk through the cemetery to hear the famous and little known stories contained within this hallowed ground. Sights and stops include:

  • Kennedy Grave-sights

  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

  • Changing of the Guard Ceremony

  • USS Maine Mast Memorial

  • Space Shuttle Memorials

  • Arlington Mansion

  • Pentagon (from a distance)

  • President William Howard Taft Monument

  • Tomb of Robert Todd Lincoln


This tour meets outside the Arlington National Cemetery Visitors Center at 1 Memorial Ave, Fort Myer, VA 22211. The tour takes 2 to 2.5 hours and covers approximately 2.5 miles, ending back at the Visitors Center. The Arlington National Cemetery tour is offered on special occasions, such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and as a private tour option year round. Please get in touch to request this tour.

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms | DC Design Tours

Bloom on the Basin:

Downtown DC Cherry Blossom Walking Tour


Every year Washington's famous cherry trees burst into bloom along the Tidal Basin, heralding the arrival of Spring! Peak bloom, when 70% of trees are blossoming, usually takes place in late March. Three spectacular but lesser visited memorials are nestled among the blossoms. Join a special Bloom on the Basin tour to learn about the design of these landmarks and history of the trees, visit a few hidden gems along the Tidal Basin, and enjoy the best of the bloom! Sights and stops include:

  • Tidal Basin

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

  • Pentagon (from a distance)

  • Potomac River

  • Jefferson Memorial

and more!


This tour meets outside the Martin Luther King Memorial Bookstore at 121 West Basin Dr SW. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and covers approximately 1 mile, ending at the Jefferson Memorial. The Cherry Blossom tour is offered seasonally during the bloom, usually late March to early April. Please get in touch to request this tour privately or outside of blooming season.

National WWII Memorial Washington DC | DC Design Tours

Private Tours


Book your private Washington DC tour for an extra personal experience in the Nation's Capital. Choose from any of our tour offerings to be conducted privately, or let us customize your trip. Private tours can be offered as walking tours, driving tours, or virtual tours for individuals, families, conferences, companies, school groups, and more!


Private walking tours for small groups of up to 12 people may be booked online. For custom tours, larger groups, driving tours, or virtual tours,  please get in touch directly at or 240-229-6795 to schedule.



Public tours are $35 per adult and $20 for children (age 5-15), with special discounts for military personnel and veterans. Children under 5 are free. The public tour schedule can be found here. Private tours up to 12 people can be booked online here. For larger private tours, driving tours or virtual tours, please contact us directly for rate and scheduling information. We look forward to touring with you!

We also provide gift cards for our tours!  Gift cards are the perfect present for an adventurous urban explorer, and can be purchased to join public or book private tours. A private tour gift card is good for up to four people. Get your gift card here, or contact us to learn more.